What is Cloud Managed Hosting?

Your Custom Web application as well as 20+ Web applications can be hosted on our scalable Cloud Servers, and the Cloud server is fully managed by us including its Speed & Security. Explore plan features to know more.

What is WordPress & Woocommerce Managed Hosting?

These plans are separately mentioned for ease & use of customers by which they can easily install & host or migrate the website as per requirements. It’s also hosted on the same Cloud servers.

How many months we can try the paid plans?

New users can try our Personal & PRO plans for 1 month completely free by which they can explore Cloud features & interact with the Server panel, platform & portal.

What are Forever Free Hosting Plans?

These plans have the same features as paid plans & less storage than other plans. Which is Free forever and any verified user can host their website free forever on our platform which needs less storage capacity.

Can we increase the storage size?

Yes, as your business & Websites demands more storage then you can move to higher plans and upgrade to scale quickly anytime.

Are we provide Website Migration Support?

Yes, we provide. For that users need to create a support ticket by mentioning source login details, and login details are completely safe to provide.

How many Websites we can host in Plans?

You can host a minimum of 2 Websites in any subscription plan, subscription plan will be created on the basis of 1st website name, then after the second website, you can add on the server directly & a maximum depending on the plans you opted.

Is our every Website will be SSL protected?

Yes, you can generate a free SSL for every hosted Website on our Server. SSL issuing is very easy on our server.

Are our Websites safe from DDoS & Bruteforce attacks, Spams & viruses?

Yes as all the security management is done on servers. Please signup for a plan to test the features.

Is Our Website will be Speed Optimized?

Yes, when you started hosting with us then that time all common speed optimization settings automatically will be applied by systems like PHP settings, compression algorithms, and caching algorithms.