About our company

At Vebsiko Hosting we can take you on an exciting digital journey every step of the way. We can connect you to the digital world so that you can reach out to potential customers, easily and professionally. Websites aren’t just for businesses either, you might want to have your own personal website or a blog, and we are here to point you in the right direction. The services we have at our fingertips, have every need covered.

We’re a creative team, with bags of experience, and offer a range of Web hosting packages by which you can make any type of Website, so we can do all the hard work for you. However, we also have a wide selection of WordPress pre-made templates and a WordPress managed hosting service at a price to suit your pocket. You simply pick a theme of your choice and pop in the content, it’s as easy as that!

Our pre-made website templates also let you put your own stamp on your website. You can brand them, change colors and add pages. The package also comes with extra features that you can configure, including email and marketing campaign capability, and a subscriptions feature. The functionality is so easy to use, that you can create a professional-looking website or e-commerce store in less than a day.

We take reliability and security seriously too, unlike standard offerings, once your website is ready to launch, we use a CDN solution for your website hosting needs. It’s built based on your requirements and resources, so you’ll have a powerful network that delivers speed and stability. We also use & offer Cloud Hosting solutions because it’s scalable and delivers advanced cloud solutions, so you’ll be safe in the knowledge that we can not only offer you reliability but flexibility too. As your business needs grow, so can your web services, and we’re here to offer practical advice and support.

Our Managed Hosting packages, so you can try them before you pay. Contact us for more information, we’d be delighted to go on your digital journey with you.