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The membership platform is very similar to the subscription website, where users pay to get access to the paid content on the platform. Membership Websites have become increasingly popular with people who aspire to earn online. WordPress Membership Websites are easier to build and much more informative.

1. Setting up the Plugin

Install the desired plugin from WordPress and activate it by going on the plugin’s options page and set it up as you would like. Some of the plugins you can use are “Ultimate Member, Paid Memberships Pro, Simple Membership, and Members”. After that, you can get started on your WordPress Membership site.

2. Selecting the Payment Gateway as Medium

Similarly on the options page select the payment Gateways and select the method you want to use for your users. You can choose from PayPal, Stripe, and whichever works for you. It is entirely up to you if you want to select more than one method or just set up one standard medium.

3. Create & define Various Levels of Membership

The different levels of membership allow different members to view different content. You can set up different pricing levels and features for the levels and you have the option of making as many levels as you wish to create with the WordPress Membership site.

From the menu go to the Memberships button and click Add New and add in as many levels as you want to. In the Memberships Term column add in the details of the particular membership level. After you’re done click Publish and you will have all the levels set up on your website.

4. Set Accessibility Rules as per Level

Making sure that the content you have up on the site such that the restricted content can only be viewed by the paid accounts. Go to the Rules button and Add New and set in rules for the levels you have created by linking them to each other.

In the Drip and Expiration settings, you can select how the content will get posted and for how long it will stay on the website. Keep saving these rules and adding in more as you can.

5. Specific Content for Members

Creating members-only content would mean the content will only be for registered users. By creating a specific type of content link it with the rules you created in the previous step. Go to the Unauthorized Access section and here add in the content for the free visitors on the website. After setting up the content as you like publish the page.

6. Pricing Page

Go to the Groups page and from the Add New button and add in the membership plans for which you want to allocate pricing. Once you’ve done that publish the page and view it from a visitor’s account to see if it looks fine. To direct the free users when they try to access the paid content to the pricing page, link this URL to the group’s page. In the Unauthorized Access section select the option to send the users to this page. Once you’re done select the Update Option.

7. Setting up the Registration Forms

The last step to complete your WordPress membership Website is to make the registration forms for the members. In the Widgets section drag it to the area of your liking. Attach the pricing page link in the menu where people can sign up.

All in all, by using WordPress for your websites you can set up your own business online, and that too hassle-free.

What are the free WordPress plugins available to create a Membership website?

There are many Membership Plugins available at WordPress to install, activate & use to develop a Membership Website. Some of them with good customer ratings are “Ultimate Member, Paid Memberships Pro, Simple Membership, and Members”. All the plugins are available at our hosting platform to activate and use for free.

WordPress Membership Plugin references:

If you are looking for free Plugins to create ‘Membership Website’ and want to ‘compare plugins, know their features & functionality, plugins rating’ then explore at plugin directory:

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