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A directory or listing website is the one where you can list down the products or services that your business is offering. A WordPress Directory site is very easy to make because of the number of features and plugins they offer. The steps you need to follow to make one such website are :

1. Selecting a Niche

Choosing your type of business and what sort of products and services you are going to offer and after that selecting the platform to build your directory on. WordPress is a free platform you can use to build your website and is an easy workaround. Choosing the right host is very important since it holds all your files and information. Hence, a reliable platform that is used and trusted by many should be preferred.

2. Customization and the Right Plugin

Choosing the right theme for your WordPress Directory Website is very important as it should resonate with your business offerings. Choosing the plugin from the numerous ones available is difficult but also very important since the features you need will be dependent on that. “Business Directory Plugin, Geo Directory, Be Pro Listings, and Toolset Directory” are some of the best plugins for a WordPress Directory Website.

3. Implement Important Features by using WordPress Plugins

Some of the features that professionals recommend necessary for a WordPress Directory Website include having custom post types, custom fields, and custom taxonomies.

  • Having various types of offerings you will need separate sections for them. Access the dashboard and select add new post type. Fill in the name and description and then save it and you have a post type ready for use.
  • For the listings, you need the information saved for the visitors and especially the customers. On the dashboards select the button of field group and enter the description. Click add new field and fill the description and save field group by entering different names for each.

To divide the content into various categories you need custom taxonomies. On the dashboard, click adds custom taxonomy and fill in the information. Enter the type of taxonomy and select the post types for it as well. Save the taxonomies as you make them.

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4. Template for Listing Website

In the dashboard, click create a template where you can place your content. Decide the number of columns you would need, the layout cell types will appear and you have to tap the visual editor. Click fields and views and find the custom fields you created and insert the shortcode. Once you’re done click apply.

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5. Search Button

Add a search bar along with the filters the visitors might apply to view specific types of products. Go to layout and create a new template, select view cell, and select display the results as a custom search and select all the content that will be displayed. Once you have applied all the necessary filters submit it and the visitors will be able to navigate the search button. Under search and pagination select loop editor and you can edit the way the results will be displayed without the filters and click finish when you’re done. Save view button on the end of the page will save the editing.

6. End form

In the post, forms click add new and fill in all the necessary columns you will need customer information about. Edit the way the users will see the form and get email notifications. These forms serve a great purpose to get the required information from the users and to target the right audience for your website. Then you have a WordPress directory website that is good to go.

What are the free WordPress plugins available to create a Listing or Directory website?

There are many Listing & Directory Plugins available at WordPress to install, activate & use it. Some of them with good customer ratings are “Business Directory, Directorist, WordPress Classifieds Plugin, Connections Business Directory”. While using any Listing Theme you can get those features without plugins. All the themes & plugins are available at our hosting platform to activate and use for free.

Listing or Directory Theme & Plugin references:

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