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WordPress Managed Hosting Vs Cloud Managed Hosting

Choosing the right hosting type can be a daunting task. If you are running an online business, you can choose between WordPress Website Plans and Cloud Managed Hosting Plans. Both types of hosting provide value depending on your requirement.

We at Vebsiko ® offer premium WordPress Websites and Cloud Managed Hosting.

What is WordPress Websites Plan?

WordPress Websites is a specialized hosting for WordPress. At Vebsiko® Hosting, we offer complete end-to-end WordPress hosting. We take care of hosting functions’ different aspects, including daily backups, WordPress updates, speed, security, scalability, and website uptime.

We also offer premium WordPress support where our experts solve your problem within a few minutes! WordPress managed hosting is different from normal WordPress hosting as you need to take care of almost everything, including backups, maintenance, and updating.

What is Cloud Managed Hosting?

Cloud Managed Hosting utilizes the power of the cloud while providing the benefits of managed hosting. If you are a rapidly growing business and want to scale, then Cloud managed hosting is for you.

Vebsiko® Hosting Cloud Managed Hosting offers a virtual servers network. They can act as physical servers for each site without the need to be physically separate. The approach means that any site can quickly scale if needed. 

As Vebsiko® Hosting offers Cloud Managed hosting — we take care of every aspect of your site. As a consumer, you get the benefit of cloud hosting and benefit from the expertise of our IT department, engineers, and system administrators as they take care of everything. So, if you are a business looking to scale and need the best possible technical support to manage your site quickly, then cloud-managed hosting is for you.

Our team keeps a tab on the different aspects of infrastructure, including DNS management, database administration, performance tuning, and testing, and much more!

Table 1: Vebsiko® WordPress Websites vs Cloud Managed Hosting

Feature nameWordPress Websites PlanCloud Managed Hosting
Visits per monthUnlimitedUnlimited
Free Trial30-days trial or Free PlanStart with our Forever Free Hosting
Disk spaceUp to 100 GB disk spaceUp to 200 GB disk space
Data transferUnlimitedUnlimited
Domain MappingYesNot applicable
SSLFree SSL includedFree SSL included
CDNFree CDN includedNot applicable
WordPress Theme & PluginsAvailable to activateNot applicable
Premade templateYesNot applicable
Speed OptimizedYesYes
Website securityYesYes
Daily BackupsYesYes
WP learning VideosYesNot applicable
Use SEO featuresYes(on few plans)It comes with an SEO toolkit
Premium SSLNot applicableUse your premium SSL with Buy options
WAF ManagementPre-Optimized Yes
Clone WordPress websitesNot applicableYes
Git ManagementNot applicable Yes
Use Apache + NginxPre-OptimizedYes
Server Access PanelWP-ADMINPlesk
Activity and Access LogsNot applicableYes
Backup SchedulingYesYes
WordPress ToolkitNot applicableYes
Host WordPress MultisiteNot applicableYes
Custom DNS CreationNot applicableYes
phpMyAdmin Database AccessNot applicableYes
Free Email AccountsOptionalYes
WordPress Smart UpdateYesYes
DNS ManagementPlannedYes
FTP AccessNoYes
Host and Upload Custom SitesNoYes
Free Website MigrationsNoYes

So, what should you choose?

Should you go for WordPress Websites Plan or a cloud-managed Cloud/WP/WOO plan? Well, it completely depends on your requirement. If you are looking to scale more aggressively and want to implement your own code into the site, then Cloud-managed hosting is a good pick for you. If you are strictly working with WordPress and are okay with the features offered in WordPress Website Plans, then it is for you.

In both cases, it is always better to decide beforehand as it saves you a lot of time and money if you happen to change your mind later. If you are still confused, contact our support by email or create a ticket at the help desk. We will guide you on which hosting best suits your needs!