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How to improve security on a WordPress site?

Security in a WordPress site is essential as these websites are favorite targets for hackers. A site can’t be perfectly secured, but one can at least reduce the risk by applying different security measures.
Some of the measures to secure a WordPress site are given below :
Choosing a host with secure platform which protected from “DDoS attacks, Spam, Bruit Force attacks” and WAF enabled.
Always Use Strong password.
2 step login authentications.
Limit number of login attempts.
Use SSL.
Keep site updated.

What Should You Do if Your WordPress Website Gets Hacked?

There are this basic steps you should follow in the case your WordPress website is hacked. First, you should install a security plugin, for example: Wordfence or WP security. You should also re-install the latest WordPress version, change your all passwords and user-ids for all users, and Check all your plugins and themes are up to date.

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